Learn research-based skills and strategies that will make you a more effective couples therapist.  

Training Description

This training will be a master class from internationally recognized scholars Howard Markman Ph.D., Scott Stanley Ph.D., and Galena Rhoades Ph.D. Their insights and commitment to sound research have led advances in many areas of marital and relationship health, including communication, conflict management, and commitment. These three experts are conducting this training on how to use the skills and strategies of PREP in couple therapy. While PREP was designed as a psycho-educational program, the key concepts are particularly potent and easy to use in couple therapy. This is not a training focused on using PREP in a workshop setting; it is a training focused on using and applying powerful strategies in the context of therapy with couples or individuals.
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Who will benefit from this training?

  • Therapists who work with couples
  • Therapists who work with individuals for whom relationship issues are a core reason for seeking therapy
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Counselors, Chaplains, and Clergy who regularly work with couples in crisis or counseling

Specific to Therapists

Why would a therapist attend?

Dr. Scott Stanley gives an overview of why a therapist or counselor would benefit from attending.

Domestic Violence

How will DV research be covered?

In this video, Dr. Stanley highlights what  range of domestic violence will be covered.


What factors of Infidelity will be covered?

This is a brief introduction to how this training will cover the nature of infidelity.

What can you expect to learn?

How to increase your ability to help couples . . .

  • Communicate with emotional safety—to talk without fighting
  • Protect their relationships from conflicts that damage closeness
  • Deepen commitment, nurture a vision for a future together, and become more decisional—to decide, not slide
  • Keep fun and friendship alive

Additionally you will learn . . .

  • How to apply specific skills and strategies to help your clients understand and deepen their relationships
  • How to expand your toolbox to meet the challenges couples present to you in your practice
  • Tools that are easy to deploy in ways that will reduce your stress working with couples
  • How to diagnose commitment, starting with the history of how a couple developed and what it means for the desire to make needed changes
  • How to help couples (and individuals in their relationships) learn to start deciding and stop sliding in their relationships

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About PREP:

PREP is arguably the most successfully disseminated, empirically based approach to helping couples. PREP utilizes clear and specific strategies for building emotional safety, managing issues and conflict effectively, deepening the positive bonds of friendship, and strengthening their commitment to a future together.

The Prevention and Relationship Education Program (PREP) is a research-based approach to teaching couples how to communicate effectively, work as a team to solve problems, manage conflicts without damaging closeness, and preserve and enhance commitment and friendship.

The PREP Approach is based on over 30 years of research in the field of relationship health and success, with much of the specific research conducted at the University of Denver and funded by NIH (i.e., The National Institute of Mental Health and The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development).

PREP is empirically informed - meaning that, to the extent possible, the strategies of PREP are based on the growing body of research on relationship and family health. PREP is also empirically tested. PREP has been studied intensively, including long-term outcome studies by at least nine different research teams in six different countries. Further, the program is regularly refined based on the latest research.